Música para ninguém cantar junto

I'm Lawrence from Euphoria
I'll share your tent
Pay your rent
It's worth every single cent
I'm Lawrence from Euphoria
You'll rise from the deep
Come in your sleep
No more will you weep
I'm Lawrence from Euphoria

There's Vivian from Oblivion
She does it for free
For my friends and me
She's Vivian, I'm Lawrence
Lawrence from Euphoria

There's Ellie Mae from Californ-i-a
She does it all right
But her lips are tight
She tucks me into bed at night
She's Vivian's twin sister, Ellie Mae
And I'm Lawrence from Euphoria

("Lawrence of Euphoria", de Skip Spence -nascido em 1946, morto em 1999, ex-baterista do Jefferson Airplane, ex-guitarrista do Moby Grape, "diagnosed schizophrenic", Syd-Barrett-canadense e autor de "Oar", de 1969, um dos discos de roque menos ouvidos. Ou seja, the ultimate cult figure. Se der, depois ponho o MP3 aqui.)